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Super Bowl memories: He drummed for Paula Abdul, 50 Cent and Maxim

Ryan Seacrest introduced the new Paula Abdul song “Dance Like There’s No Tomorrow” on the pre-game telecast. The camera focused on a drummer with a fauxhawk hairstyle.

DJ Ravidrums, as Jakhotia is known, had his huge moment.

“It was amazing to be part of something like that,” said Jakhotia, of Tustin. “There was amazing choreography, and the whole process was really cool. The Super Bowl is as American as it gets.”

The Super Bowl that year was in Glendale, Ariz., and Jakhotia remembers the highlights of his weekend: He opened for 50 Cent. He played the Maxim party. He attended the Playboy party.

After the game ended – the Giants beat the Patriots, 17-14 – Jakhotia was on a plane to the Bahamas for another gig.

“I didn’t even get to watch myself on TV,” he said.

He’s busy these days. Jakhotia is working on two television shows in development.

He played the drums on the new Sherry St. Germain single that will be released in two weeks.

“The Super Bowl was unbelievably exciting,” Jakhotia said.